Every product needs SEO content

SEO has become an essential topic for all industries in the digital marketing space, including blogging, social media marketing, and or branding. It is central to all digital marketing undertakings.

Publishing content is key to communicating and being found on the Internet as a business. Many businesses rely on external services to run blogs and to manage their content. Such solutions are becoming increasingly more expensive.

An alternative is hosting popular Open Source solutions yourself. This subtracts time and resources from what's most important: building your product.

With prodcontent you'll get:

  • a streamlined and lean headless CMS
  • ready-to-use headless UI components to fetch your content
  • an easy way to serve content from your main domain
  • a simple way to style your content according to your app's design

A top-notch writing experience

Don't compromise on your writing experience.
We recreated a Ghost™-like editor to allow you full control when creating your posts and articles.

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Manage everything

A streamlined headless CMS equipped with only what you need to get the job done. Lean and essential by choice, so that you can get started right away.

  • manage articles and authors
  • edit all the SEO fields you need
  • schedule a post
  • automatic reading time calculation
  • tag your articles

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