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Our mission is to simplify the life of website creators through reusable software components.

Who we are

We’re an indie SaaS company with no investors. We believe sustainable, organic growth is the best way to build a lasting company. We’re not setting out to build a unicorn or change the world. Our commitment is to you, our users, and building the best toolkit for managers and leaders.

Our users don't just buy into a subscription but they rather invest on us: we strive to make prodcontent 1% better every day and, as a result, prodcontent will make your life 1% better every day as well.

prodcontent (a brand of SaaS Koala) was founded by Matteo Merola. Previously, Matteo has been an Engineering Leader in several startup, scaleup and large companies where he has worked on many Software-as-a-Service products, ranging from aviation to banking and education.

Matteo Merola


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